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2008 Junior Female

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Race Results





ADL/Sport PEI Junior Female Achievement Award


Junior Female Points Champion


Sandra Gregory


(photo by Janet Norman-Bain)

Junior Female -

Sandra Gregory


Once again this year, the female winner of the ADL/Sport PEI Junior Achievement Award is Sandra Gregory. 


This is Sandra’s third year in a row winning this award.


The Gregory family are no strangers to the Club. Sandra and her mother are in almost every run. Sandra competed in at least 23 runs this past year.  Her dad, Brooke, is a regular too, and this year her sister Carrie participated in quite a few runs.


Sandra finished with a perfect 174 points. She was the top junior female RoadRunner in all but one of her races.


Highlights from Sandra’s year include:

  • A 22:26 at the Deltaware 5K,

  • She broke 48 minutes in the Rural Raider 10K run,

  • She tackled the Harvest Festival in 2 hour and 25 minutes,

  • And she broke 1:50 in the PEI Half-marathon. 


    Sandra also participated on the Charlottetown Rural cross-country team in 2008.



    Congratulations Sandra on winning the ADL/Sport PEI Junior Achievement Award again in 2008!


    PEI RoadRunners Club - c/o Sport PEI, 40 Enman Crescent Charlottetown, PE C1E 1E6

    "Encouraging Islanders to Adopt an Active Healthy Lifestyle!!"

    "You'll Enjoy the Race - No Matter What Your Pace!!"



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