Minutes November 23rd 2017

PEI Roadrunners Club- Minutes of meeting held November 23, 2017


Present: Janet Bain, Paul McGuire, Stan Chaisson, Maureen Peters, Pat Ellis, Cheri Gallant, Barb Desroches


1.    The meeting was called to order by Janet.


2.    The agenda was approved- moved by Janet, seconded by Stan, carried


3.    The minutes of previous meeting approved - moved by Paul, seconded by Maureen,



4.    Janet presented her President’s report, providing updates on recent race attendance,

finances, and equipment.


5.    Club changes

    A discussion was held regarding the club’s proposed changes with regards to

sanctioning only points races. Janet reviewed the issue of insurance only being provided to points races, and reported that most of the non-points races would be able to obtain insurance through the Running Room. The only exception would be the Lighthouse Relay, as it is over 21 km in distance. Janet proposed that the club offer them the opportunity to become a points race. She has spoken to the race director, Sarah Deveaux, and is waiting to hear back from her.


Action: Janet will communicate to Sarah that the club would like a response from her by January 1st. If they decide they would like to be a points race, Janet will bring this to the club executive for a vote.


6.     Equipment Storage

The club requires storage for it’s equipment so that it is more easily accessible for race directors and Janet is not required to deliver it to every race. It was suggested that we may need a committee to look at this.


Action: Maureen will look into this and post on the Facebook page asking members for suggestions on storage.


7.    Database

A lengthy discussion was held regarding changes to/creating a new database for membership and results.


Action: Cheri will research database options.

Action: Stan and Paul will complete a jurisdictional scan to see what other clubs are using.


8.    Website

Barb has recruited  two volunteers to work on the website. A discussion was held as to whether the goal is to update or rebuild the website. Barb understood that we wanted to update the existing site, so these are the instructions she provided to the volunteers. She is going to try and meet with them in person, as they are requesting this prior to proceeding with any work. Barb will provide updates as she receives them.


9.    Electronic Memberships

A discussion was held regarding memberships, and the prospect of having only electronic sign up as opposed to paper forms. It was decided that we should have a membership committee. Cheri, Stan, Barb, and Pat volunteered to form the committee. Stan suggested using a google doc to compile the memberships, and it was agreed that the committee would work with Pat as treasurer regarding a password for e-transfers.


Motion (moved by Cheri, seconded by Paul, carried):

That 2018 memberships be done electronically only.


Action: Stan is going to create a gmail account for memberships


10.    Treasurer’s report

    Pat presented her report and noted the account balance of $4600.


Motion to accept the treasurer’s report (moved by Maureen, seconded by Stan, carried)


11.    Merchandise

It was decided that the club should sign up with an online service that will allow members to purchase roadrunners merchandise. The club would receive a small percentage in return for these purchases.


Action: Stan will contact Don Horne would provides this service to discuss setting this up.

Motion to adjourn (moved by Paul, seconded by Pat, carried)