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President's Report January 10th 2018

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PEI Roadrunners Club

President's Report

January 10th, 2018



Membership 247 (+2) 3 or 4? 2018 Memberships



We need pins

Arch needs checking over

Tripod leg needs proper fix


$$ for Pat:

Many etransfers for memberships & sanctioning fees (have etransfers all been cashed?)

Donation from polar Dip (coming)



Website hosting $53.51



Looking into getting refunds for everyone who preregistered for the Michael Thomas Run


Alex Cyr recently got a job at Canadian Running Magazine and his very first story will be on The PEI Roadrunners Club. Coming soon! I really enjoy his writing (have followed his blog for years). They wanted a “Club Photo” but best I could come up with was a group shot from about 5 years ago at the Wally Rodd. Told them it wasn’t a “Club Photo” but there would be many members there… it was our last Point Race of the season, old and well loved, and the Saturday morning group run from there.


Shoutout to Chris Gauthier for her great job running our Twitter account!

Shoutout to Cheri for helping with Facebook …. And *everything* else she does!!


I’m very sorry to see Barb Desroches resign from her position as Prince Co Rep. I have very much enjoyed and appreciated her input and contributions. Perhaps, going forward, she can help with suggestions on engaging & promoting “social runners”. I sincerely hope her frustrations with me/us did not cause her departure. I accept her criticism of my poor social & communication skills and apologize to you all. I share her frustrations over some of the recurrent themes of our discussions with little apparent action or change and so appreciated her challenges to the status quo. This is the kind of thinking & discussion needed if we are to make the changes that need to be made to sustain the Club.  I hope we can all make the changes that need to be made as efficiently and effectively as possible.


The future direction of the Club

  • ·        Survey


  • ·        Email / announcement to race directors – needs to be written, sent, posted….


  • ·        Our Race Directors info pages & sanctioning document need to be edited


  • ·        2018 Schedule – needs to be started


  • ·        Membership

Please do not make the club exclusive to only people who online bank and send etransfers. This needs to be settled by vote.


  • ·        Can’t be started until database is decided on

The whole process can be broken down into a few tasks:

  1. Data entry (assign bib numbers and print envelopes at same time) (BUY ENVELOPES)
  2. Order Bibs (list of customized bibs?)
  3. Letter needs editing and printing
  4. Cards needs filling out (members name & bib #, current year filled in and signed by Membership Committee member)
  5. Letter, Bib & Card need to be stuffed in envelopes (envelopes left unsealed, in alphabetical order)



If you want to change databases or email addresses for memberships etc you may require new forms to be created and added to the webpage, printed etc)


  • ·        Redesign the member bibs?  – make them something very appealing to locals and tourists, something that screams PEI… Design student?
  • ·        New Perks?


  • ·        Points 
  1. race added to Database - Jamie
  2. Then: do points, publish, find any mistakes
  • ·        AGM & Awards 
  1. Nomination Forms
  2. Incentive draw?
  3. Deadline????
  4. Venue???
  5. Menu???


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