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Presidents Report June 1st 2016

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President's Report

Wednesday, June 1st 2016


Insurance - The insurance deal fell apart at the last minute when the ball was dropped.... (my mistake in not notifying SportPEI in time to cancel our polict with them ended up saving the day). I still hope to get it together for next year. As it stands now our members have Accidental Death & Dismemberment ("Accident") insurance & Liability but our "Day Members" have liability insurance only.


Signs - Our new "Caution Runners Ahead" are well liked by runners & Race Directors. Easy to carry, transport & stick in the ground... much easier than our old signs.


New Races added to the schedule in the past month - Friendship Run (Points Race), Dunk River Run (Points Race), Deltaware (Points Race), Torch Run, Halloween Hustle, Somerset Festival, Fall Frolic (Points Race), Oyster Shuffle, Fulton Campbell (Points Race).


Out of Province Rooms - For Members attending races out of Province (http://www.sportpei.pe.ca/dp_room_allocation)


Volunteer forms - made, posted & responded to


Bursary – New form wasn't made, should deadline be extended?


Signing authority - Janet, Pat & Stan


Bibs - Honda has sponsored our member bibs to the tune of $500. 1200 new plain bibs ordered & received.


Equipment Loan Form - made & in use


AGMs - I attended the APEI & SportPEI AGM. Paul also attended the SportPEI AGM. I'm impressed with APEI's written policies, especially their Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy and Financial Policy - should we have these too?


Fusion Family Fit Day - I need a report from this


Non-Profit Forms - I filed our change of Executive & requested a March 31st year end to coincide with our AGM.


SportPEI - Documents have been filed & dues paid.


Sanctioning Fees – Pat has been invoicing & races have been paying


Ready2Race Start/Finish arch – Are we interested in repurposing it.


Parker Lund – I've been in contact with him, he has all kinds of historical Roadrunner stuff he'd like to pass on to the Club. He has suggested we could perhasps have a “mini reunion” of the founding members this summer in conjunction with a Roasdrunner meeting.


DOT - I plan to set up a meeting with Highway Safety to go over their policies that apply to our races.


Races since April AGM:

Spring Run Off 10K: 64, 5K: 48 (Total 112)

Proudes 5K: 71

Ralph Manning Memorial 5K & 10K Over 400 (data needs inputting)

Run For L.I.F.E. 2K: 24, 5K: 33, 10K: 13 (Total 70) This was an incredibly well organized event!

Marlin Run 5K: 35, 10K: 6, 15K: 6 (Total 47)


Races coming up this month: Michael Thomas Race Day, Walk/Run for Alzhiemer's, Deltaware, Cornwall Classic, Fulton Campbell



PEI RoadRunners Club - c/o Sport PEI, 40 Enman Crescent Charlottetown, PE C1E 1E6

"Encouraging Islanders to Adopt an Active Healthy Lifestyle!!"

"You'll Enjoy the Race - No Matter What Your Pace!!"



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