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Presidents Report July 6th 2016

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Prince Edward Island RoadRunners Club


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President's Report

Wednesday, July 6th 2016


New Races on the Schedule since last meeting

  1. Points East Lighthouse Run

  2. Cox & Palmer (points race)

  3. Twin Shores

  4. WI Active Like A girl

  5. Gold Cup Trot

  6. Racing 2 Read

  7. Georgetown 5K & 10K

  8. Red Sea Run

  9. PEI Marathon (10K, Half & Marathon are point races)

These have committed & been added:

  1. + Mount Edward Grocery (points race)

  2. + Road to Cavendish


Races run since the last meeting

  1. Michael Thomas Race Day

  2. Walk for Alzheimer's

  3. DeltaWare 5K Fun Run

  4. Points East Lighthouse Run Relay

  5. Cornwall Classic

  6. Fulton Campbell Half Marathon & Laura Lee Walsh 5K

  7. Twin Shores Canada Day 5K


I was at all these races except Deltaware. All were very well organized and executed. Special mentions -

Michael Thomas Race Day puts a lot of work in and they put on a really rich, cultural event. Their numbers should be much higher than they were and I hope they go up next year, this is an excellent event to support.

The Points East Lighthouse Run & Relay was a really great event. As a spectator/observer of people, it appeared they nailed all the important stuff and left very, very happy runners in their wake. It had over 175 runners registered. Weather was perfect. It conflicted with the Deltaware 5K (that also had ~175 participants). I'd like to convince Deltaware to move to Sunday.

Twin Shores Canada Day Run is going to move the kids run back onto the grass and they need to get kids on bikes out of the race. Nice event. No member bibs allowed?


This coming month

  • only 1 Saturday has races and it has 2 (Cox & Palmer and The Somerset 5K)

  • one weekend has no races (this coming one)

  • there are 2 Sundays with races, both have 2: Dunk River Run & Georgetown and Brookvale & The Oyster Shuffle.


Races not yet on the schedule-

  1. Rendez-vous Rustico Duathlon for Adults and Youth - New name? Max Arsenault, with the Conseil Acadien de Rustico, promote the duathlon L'Acadienne. 

  2. Boardwalk Boogie Run (may not happen)

  3. Stratford Rotary run for Mikinduri

  4. Vernon River School Fall Run Run

  5. Wally Rodd Memorial Run - talked to Gary


268 members, 56 rookies (+ 2 RDs about to sign up, 1 paid)


Bursaries : No males applied this year and only 2 females so it was decided to award the bursaries to these 2 applicants


Gantry : I boldly asked Miguel if he would donate his old R2R gantry to us and the next thing I knew he & Troy at Atlantic Chip Timing were having a new one made to give to us with the only strings being we get ropes and sandbags and let them borrow it if it's available. My son Ben created the vector image of our Roadrunner logo for this job. The black arch will have our logos top and sides as well as ATC's.


Bank : Pat & I went to the bank. E-Transfers are now possible. We need to discuss how to deal with the security answer needed to deposit transfers.


Equipment: Almost lost a sign in Cornwall (thanks Jenn Hanus!), needed a new stake, I fixed it. Will need to order pins soon. Need a new air gun. Request for 3 water jugs, we only have 2.


Hats: Sold 3


I met with PEI Marathon (Myrtle & Amanda) about working together.

  • They will be moving their office down the hall a couple of door and assimilating their storage locker of stuff into it. They will have items to give away and sell and we have 1st dibs.

  • We will have a booth at the Marathon, combined with the Information Booth/self serve swag bags (as we did in the Mack).

  • They are sponsoring the Georgetown 5K & 10K and are looking for a Prince Co. Race to do the same for.

  • I will do their results for the Georgetown run on our database after the fact (I'll be at the Dunk River Run)

  • Ticket Selling - Fundraising possibility


Outlet for hats in Ch'Town : We were approached by a shop and so are discussing our options


Fringe Festival - Email from SportPEI : The Island Fringe Festival is hosting "Fringe Olympics" at the Confederation Landing Oval on Thursday, August 4th from 2:30pm-4pm. Fringe Olympics is a free, family-friendly event with different stations set up as "events" where kids (and adults) can compete in different sports. The idea is to give kids a chance to try out different sports and, hopefully, discover a new passion! We'll be hosting mini dodgeball games, balloon tennis, discus, etc. We'd love to have as many different sports as possible represented! If you're interested, please email islandfringe@gmail.com for more info.


Calendar - I can't keep up and thought we should open it up to everyone to add to?


T'was The Month Before Christmas Run - Should we reclaim it and bring it back as a Roadrunner fundraiser?


Parker Lund - I should be hearing from him soon...


Booklet - not too soon to start.... Start by asking Race Directors if they are willing to submit info by a specified deadline? What is the deadline?

PEI RoadRunners Club - c/o Sport PEI, 40 Enman Crescent Charlottetown, PE C1E 1E6

"Encouraging Islanders to Adopt an Active Healthy Lifestyle!!"

"You'll Enjoy the Race - No Matter What Your Pace!!"



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