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President's Report April 2016

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Prince Edward Island RoadRunners Club


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President's Report            

April 27th, 2016             

janet norman-bain

I had 2 meetings Wed., March 16th at SportPEI. I met briefly with Gemma Kougan to discuss the relationship we have with SportPEI, our obligations to them. Then with Bruce MacDonald and Lynn Boudreau to go over our Insurance Policy and the services they provide us.  

* SportPEI’s AGM will be in May sometime, I will be attending.
* They just had their Awards Banquet - Our members are eligible for those awards
* We can hand out 6-8 (she wasn’t sure) ADL awards. Currently we hand out 4 (Jr & Sr Male & Female). We can consider things like a Masters category, a Top Promoter, Top Event, etc etc…
* They have changed their Sport Fair from a big crazy event at UPEI to going to the High Schools and bringing in the Grade 3’s from the  feeder schools. Apparently it’s been very well received & very successful. Perhaps Stan (and the rest of you) can think of ways we can demo, or otherwise introduce the PEI Roadrunners to that sort of situation.
* If someone wants to donate a pile of money to us and get a tax receipt for it, SportPEI can arrange that.
* There’s an “External Sports Credit”. http://sportpei.pe.ca/external_sport_credit Stan, I may get you to look into this (we’ll discuss this at the meeting) and see if it is something that would suit any of our members.
* Although we are not a PSO we pay their rates (I think it’s $50 more) so we get the $500. Worth of Administrative services SportPEI has to offer: Printing, Postage, Fax, Mailbox, Desktop Publishing, Mail/Courier Service, Assistance with Press Releases etc (once they replace Nick)
* Rooms are available at a special rate when running out of Province.

I also learned, from my meeting with Gemma, that we will need to file our new Constitution with the Gov’t. That will cost us $265.00. http://www.gov.pe.ca/jps/index.php3?number=44670&lang=E
Contacted the Gov't and they no longer require this as it was bylaws we changed, except for splitting Secretary/Treasurer position and the forms have reflected that for years.

I should be able to just update the Executive list since the Non-Profit return was just filed in December http://www.gov.pe.ca/jps/index.php3?number=44678&lang=E
Confirmed. Also they will change our year end date to be March 31st to go with our AGM
I will file those documents in the next week.

There was an article in the Journal Pioneer & Guardian on the AGM

Suzanne met with Pat and handed over all the financial documents many helpful explanations and tips. The documents are at the bank for Stan & Pat to sign, if they haven't already, allowing them to sign cheques.

I’m realizing the best reason to have a Race Booklet is because it will motivate Race Directors to get their event on the schedule early (early enough to get into the booklet) We will have to start contacting RDs individually to see what their intentions are to build our schedule.

18 Events
11 Point Races

Fall Frolic, Points East Lighthouse Run, Gold Cup Trot say they will

We've teamed up with Race Event Guide to host the Event pages for our schedule. Durwin is very receptive to all the changes and requests I throw at him and RDs are happy.

I've met with  the PEI Alzheimer's Society and Stephanie Barry-Benedik about their events and have had email and phone discussions with others. The  Alzheimer's Society is adding a 5K run to their 5K walk and Stephanie is planning a run in the National Park. I'm happy to meet with anyone who is planning or thinking of planning a run.

I talked with the Town of Cornwall about equipment storage there (as Kevin McCarville had offered at the RD meeting) but found them a bit too restrictive on pick up/drop off times so we still need a storage spot. I have it all for now and can probably keep it if we don’t find a better solution.

I ordered 6 new signs and had Shawn make us 3 new mileage markers to replace the missing ones (6, 9 & 17). He made 6, so we'd be ready to replace the next missing ones, and finished them in white (saving us a $20 each paint job) and gave us a great deal on them. Yesco (down at Kwik Kopy) who made our signs put the numbers on the mileage markers as well.

We have:
Clock & Tripod
4 old  “Race In Progress” signs (1 needs fixing)
6 new “Caution Runners Ahead” signs
2 water jugs
Mileage Markers: We have 1 set of 1-21 + 3 blank
1100 Bibs
lots of pins

The barcode scanning system for Race Registration is back up & running!


242 members
46 rookies
90 Individual
43 Family (2-6 people)
1 joint Roadrunner / Athletics PEI

We've handed out lots of membership packages and any early bird prizes not collected at the banquet are enclosed in the winner's envelopes. I plan to hand them out at the Sporting Intentions Spring Run Off and then mail what is left.

We are keeping the option for dual memberships with Athletics PEI and I've talked to Andy Walker, and will talk more, about how we can work together. They know we have no money for them! The whole point would be to see how we could work cooperatively together & support each other.
If we wanted AC's Insurance there would have to be some kind of relationship between APEI & the Roadrunners.

Something to think about - APEI, and apparently all Provincial Athletics under AC are offering free memberships to refugees, Syrian or otherwise. Maybe we want to do the same?

Fusion Charlottetown

We have booked & paid for a table (& requested electricity) for Fusion Family Fit Day on May 15th. A number of board members are available to man the table. The plan, at this point, is to run a slide show of race photos and sell memberships, hats & decals. We should have an up to date schedule as well. All input welcome!


Under our current policy
1) We do not have the option to give day members ADD (Accidental Death & Dismemberment)
2) Trying to get our day member numbers more accurate (at least in the right ballpark). Currently we're covered for 250. However, the Twin Shores race alone averages 200 runners, almost all day members. I do know that the total number of runners combined, from all Sanctioned runs last year (that provided results) was just over 1,800/ This includes members & day members and people like Alex who would be counted multiple times in there. They are suggesting 600. I'm thinking more like 1,000 (especially if we have more than 33 sanctioned races this year).
3) It costs us 50 cents per day member

A better choice
Meanwhile, in talks with Athletics Canada, they are talking about the same price we're paying ($1,100) for our members plus 1,800 day members. I will now be talking specifics with them.
They do offer ADD (Accidental Death & Dismemberment) for Day Members
They are getting quotes for me based on 1,000 Day Members, with & without ADD.
We need to add race volunteers to our annual member number. (about 12 per race)
These numbers can be corrected at year's end.
Jamie Mutch has done some magic with the database to give us the number of members & non-members at each race.
I propose we switch Insurance coverage to Athletics PEI / AC coverage.

PEI RoadRunners Club - c/o Sport PEI, 40 Enman Crescent Charlottetown, PE C1E 1E6

"Encouraging Islanders to Adopt an Active Healthy Lifestyle!!"

"You'll Enjoy the Race - No Matter What Your Pace!!"







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