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Meeting Minutes July 27th 2015

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July 27, 2015-Minutes RoadRunner Executive


Attending: Nancy Morris, Bethany Lucas, Paul Wright, Stan Chaisson, Suzanne Iwankow, Ivan Gallant, Alex Cyre, Mike Connolly, Ewen Stewart, Pam Paquet


6:00 pm-Mike called the meeting to order. Welcome and a look at previous minutes from March, 2015.

Moved by Bethany Lucas ; seconded by Suzanne Iwankow


President’s report


 Changes to the schedule to discuss this evening (many decisions were made quickly regarding changes to the running calendar, etc)

 Can’t get funding for a student; Alex Cyr was hired (sharing with curling, Sport PE; 10-15 hrs working with RoadRunners)

 We need paid staff

 Part of reason for sanctioned document-too many other sports (tri, cycling) We want to have our points run.

 Do we stay status quo or do we make changes for 2016 Alex’s report

 down 29 races on calendar

 races are down in participants

 social media complaints

 looking for answers

 219 in memberships


Treasurer’s Report-Suzanne Iwankow


July update

 Balance is $ 3,110.24

 Moved by Suzanne; Seconded by Stan


New Business


 Sanctioning Document

 Structure, races are secured, level A,B,C races

 We can’t move ahead with the club without loosing our races-we need to have money coming in-should we have a rental fee for equipment, instead of 2$ a head from race directors

 Safety is an issue; people not at intersections; at times, not well  marked

 Prestigious races are loosing their members

 Separate points races from other races (fundraisers)

 Stan said that other provinces have similar documents; expectations from people; 2$ fee a head, lower the fee1$ or set a fee depending on runners there at race; not all races are listed and that is what people are upset about.

Who’s going to do the work?

 Ivan thought that a race could have a fee if they wanted their race on the calendar

 Communication with race organizers was not held before the document went out

 No sponsorship this year

 We don’t need the fee if races are self-sufficient

 (?) a 75$ fee


Alex’s encounters so far:


 Dealt with 5 or 6 race directors

 Would be nice for race directors to understand what we do as a club

 Race directors have shown up with equipment not returned from a year before

 Cut services; cater to membership and not organizers Solutions:

 Full calendar

 Sanctioned runs (Level A,B,C); race directors to fill out document

 Not a 2$ fee; flat fee instead for equipment also

 Bibs are for ID purposes

 50$ flat fee plus 35 cents a bib for sanctioned races-this covers insurance, calendar, web site, race date protection

 Moved by Suzanne; seconded by Bethany

-Do we produce a race booklet? Bethany suggested that Salem should know what we are doing-maybe he can be a sponsor.

-It was voted on by the executive that a 50$ flat fee be paid by the race directors for sanctioned races.

Moved by Bethany and seconded by Suzanne

-It was voted on by the executive that a 100$ fee plus a 35 cent bib fee be paid by race directors for unsanctioned races. Moved by Ivan, seconded by Stan, contrary by Bethany

-Miguel Arsenault will give us a new website for free-registration can be done on-line. He gets funded for this from Innovation s PE. Miguel will be invited to come to the next executive meeting in August.


A letter will be posted on the website regarding a special general meeting to give feedback to all members for the propose changes to the 2016 race calendar. Moved by Suzanne, seconded by Bethany


Meeting dates to be announce: West-Summerside; East –Charlottetown in September It was suggested that a part-time executive director be hired for the club.

The August executive meeting will be held in August, after Old Home Week.

Meeting Adjourn by Bethany

PEI RoadRunners Club - c/o Sport PEI, 40 Enman Crescent Charlottetown, PE C1E 1E6

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