Meeting Minutes January 5th

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Jan 5th, 2016 Minutes


Stan called the meeting to order.


Treasurer’s report 2016

  • Estimates of what will be collected for memberships- $2300

  • Estimates of what will be collected for sanctioning fees- $650

  • Sponsorship – website (Proudes)- $200

  • Bibs (Capital Honda)- $500

  • Sale of hats at $20

  • Total revenue $4150

  • Banquet $800

  • Christmas Party $350

  • Sports PEI membership $600

  • Bursaries $100

  • Total Expenses $4837

  • Net Revenue/(Expenses) $687

  • Note that hats were purchased in 2014 --- $-136 closing 2015 cash balance

  • Net cashflow impact $824 closing 2016 cash balance

  • Cash balance Dec 2015 $464

  • Net cash balance $136

Meeting notes from Dec. 1st

  • Races were not invoiced after Alex left at the end of Sept.

  • We should not be asking directors for any outstanding fees. (We will be asking them at their meeting.)

  • Paul Wright’s response about being president; he is not willing to be president. Bethany and Stan can continue on until March at the AGM. Then we can elect a new president.

  • Dan from Canadian Running Races magazine is looking for the big races (name and date) to be put in his 2016 magazine.

Bethany moved from the meeting notes and Stan seconded.

Insurance Update:

  • The fees hadn’t been paid since 2012 but they are not paid. Thanks to Janet for bringing this to the table.

  • The insurance company assumes we organize races. We don’t. We assist directors and runners. If we say for information only, then we don’t worry unless we are sanctioning a race. We sanction point’s races. If we want a point races: member run (race director also a member), fill out the document, safely organized, monitored. Race directors should keep track of day members.

  • A non-sanctioned race is for information only, on the website and to post results. Or a sanctioned race (fun). Or a sanctioned point race. These options will be brought to the race directors.

Race Directors meeting

  • January 26th, in Charlottetown (Sport PEI)

  • January 28th, in Summerside (Credit Union Place)

Volunteer Committees

  • Committees will be posted on the website for members to sign up!

March 11th, 2016 will be the AGM. Location to be announced


Jenn motioned the meeting to close. Suzanne seconded.


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