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Meeting Minutes November 23 Nancy

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PEI RoadRunners Club Open Meeting


November 23, 2015


Summary of what’s been happening with the club over the past two years (Bethany):

Two years ago the club lost a key member. There was no one in the president’s position at that point. Mike Connolly volunteered. The huge race calendar of 70-72 event was difficult to manage with the size of the group.


In late 2014, asked by Athletics Canada to come up with a sanctioning document. The point of the document is to ensure we have safe and professionally run races. Insurance and increased funding are all important. Stan worked on the document and the executive assisted – which involved researching what other provinces’ sanctioning documents looked like. All other provinces have a sanctioning document. It was rolled out in 2015 to mixed reviews. It was not well understood and not communicated effectively, which Mike admitted.


$2.00 per runner was added. Since the AGM, there has been a decrease in race numbers and decreased funds coming in from the membership. Alex Cyr was hired as a summer student to help.


Additional points:


We are volunteers. No one in the executive is paid.


Negative publicity in social media hurt the club.


Mike stepped down


Need to look at how to keep the club going, to increase participation, etc.


Need to put emotions behind and move forward in a positive, constructive manner.


Club cannot be sustained at the same number of hours previously given.



Maybe we need to define what is “successful” in relation to the club – what does success look like? - Billy


Funding, Sanctioning document, executive, focus/mandate, policy/constitution, website



Defining Challenges – Stan:


Website – 1. races listed in one location, 2. many races on calendar – small numbers at each race, 3. Man hours


No one approached to volunteer – maybe a member of the executive could look after volunteer recruitment - Cheri


Volunteers weren’t made a priority. 74 races in 2014, not everyone asked to be put in the calendar. - Janet



Equipment – signs, bibs, race clock etc.


Decreased membership


Dial it back – is club trying to do too much - Billy


Club is victim of it’s own success. How should we grow? - Rhonda


Communication, timely results, calendar - Billy


Race booklet – Salem sponsored in past and is willing to do this again. - Cheri


We lost points races – we went from 21 to 8-9 (maybe 10-11). - Janet

Under-age runners (same for sanctioning document)

To be a points race, need 3 years of well organized events and need to request to be added – it is not automatic.


Make challenges into opportunities


What do I get for my membership? The book is gone, the website has gone down, and price is up. - Cheri


Fee clarification – the fee supports the club, the website, Christmas party, discounts and insurance. - Bethany


What is our liability – is insurance necessary? - Billy


Ours is through Sport PEI ($1100 per year). - Janet


Regarding funding from Athletics Canada – do we get this through Sport PEI – we aren’t incorporated. - Francis


Funding hasn’t gone through but that’s why we wanted to be affiliated.

Do we need it? - Kent


Doc is a no-brainer – a good way to make sure races are safe and well run. $2.00 is okay if it is needed to maintain the club. – Lynne Anne


Safety is why there should be a sanctioning document. Race directors should have been consulted re: fees and the sanctioning document. - Janet


Document covers everything and is easy to run. Document not really the issue, the fee is the issue. - Is it unrealistic to ask for $50 or whatever, from races? - Brian


Monitoring and equipment – who’s going out to monitor events and see if they are doing what they are supposed to? - Janet


Suggestion -

Cooperative Style: 1/3 to club, 1/3 to charity, etc. - Each race has many distances but under one event. Maybe reducing number of events, each member must volunteer - Isaac

There are so many runs – way to be active and support non-profits and a lifestyle – Lynne Anne


Brand – maybe race directors should be more responsible for safety – we just put out guidelines and encourage directors to follow them. - Billy


We should look into what our insurance covers - Bethany


Good selling point – “why should you become a member?” – Lynne Anne


Insurance – if RoadRunners name on race, they could be sued - Tyler


Roadrunners vs. race director liability - Jamie


Rate depends on risk of event – pay per year based on membership and risk - Billy


Insurance protects executive and club - Ivan


Lots of research to be done. - Janet


Sanctioning Document – In July we voted to make changes for 2016. Didn’t make changes for the remainder of 2015 as some races had already taken place.


Change - $50 flat fee – includes date protection, equipment, listing in calendar, email reminders


Will $50 increase our liability? - Francis


Why not list multiple events – why do we need date protection - Janet


When the only option listed is a 25k, not everyone can do this distance – Lynne Anne


Mandate – healthy lifestyle – why wouldn’t we list all – date proctection conflicts with our mandate. Goes back to “what is it me want to do?” - Jamie


All races listed in the past, should be the same going forward. - Gary


Example – a 42 year race competing with a new, popular event – maybe decrease numbers for long standing race and we risk losing the old race - Stan


Small numbers at race – race director may not want to keep it going - Paul


Each person should take responsibility for the club and promote it – forget 2015. – Lynne Anne


Multiple races because some are not listed in calendar so not aware of conflict.- Cheri


Date protection a non-issue – competition brings better races. Well run events won’t go away. – Billy


How are we moving forward? Can members come to AGM and make motions? We are looking for direction. Changes can’t be made until AGM – Stan and Bethany


Managing date protection vs. motivating activity - Barb


Should have info on races in central place, communication is huge. - Christine


Funding – jackets, tank tops


First - decisions shouldn’t be made tonight – just input – and second – Club started by Parker Lund and Ewen Stewart. We are expecting too much from our club. Complaining but not stepping up won’t work. Need young members to continue on with the work of Ewen, and Parker. – Ivan


Communication of document important – with better communication, document may have been better understood.

  1. Full Calendar – Jamie Calendar/website

Outdated by the time it’s printed

Should have deadlines to get your race in. Full calendar on website

  1. Monitoring

  2. Insurance

  3. Sub-committee –

is calendar worth time, maybe a fund raiser night

  1. Access to equipment for race directors

Community and identity important

  1. Clothing


Communication is a big deal – we can put minutes on website – voted on this in July


Meeting – open vs. closed – Janet


Communication – do we need a facebook page? Lynne Anne


Facebook page doesn’t represent the club – Bethany


If website is good – people will gravitate towards that – Barb


Sanctioning DOC – the document is staying, switching to $50.00 fee


Sanctioning doc should be brought to race directors – Janet


Age limits – Ivan’s race was sanctioned but a child ran it – another race turned people away due to age limits


What does membership think is do-able as a club? Is $50.00 okay?


We have bridges to fix – Janet


We gave for races and never asked for anything in return but built good will and good will made us a success – Jamie


General sense that we’ve lost that good will


See a waivering in good feeling – Isaac


In 2013, $600 was donated from race directors – Janet


Chip is about $5.00. Are costs scaring people away? If $50 works out to be less than $2.00/person, that would be good – Peter


We need a meeting with race directors re: the document and fees. They can maybe submit there date and let us know what they need.


What about follow-up to this meeting – Kent


Maybe executive meets, then meet with race directors, then another open meeting

Then people would see what direction we’re going in so they can speak up at the AGM.

Is AGM too late to implement change for 2016? – Cheri


Meeting is to give feedback to the exec. Suggest we start with a blank page – build club from the ground up – don’t look at what the club was/is. Focus on three things and do them well – don’t get stuck on old ideas. Maybe look at a three-year plan for change – Billy


Communicate to the race directors about what the document is for and why we need it – Maureen


Funding - $944 in sanctioning fees – some outstanding – a monitoring issue – Janet/Suzanne

Exec. Should work on this and have another meeting like this one in January – Francis


Janet offered to go to race directors right away

Explaning document is not open ended – need to explain and ask for feedback – Lynne Anne


Increase in race numbers could be related to the increase in fees – Brian


Is the decrease in points races due to the increase in fees? – Peter


What is the relationship between the Running Room and running community (collaboration) in other provinces – Lynne Anne


Finances discussed

Club needs to have a sub-committee maybe around finance – Barb


Janet offering to become the president until the AGM, but this needs to go back to the executive


At the meeting in January, attach the budget so people can see it – Rhonda


Christmas party is scheduled for December 19th at 6:00 pm


Motion to adjourn meeting by Paul McGuire and seconded by Ivan Gallant












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